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A Declaration of Purpose
calling for the formation of
The Cornerstone Standard Coalition of States

It is essential that the justification for our formation of The Cornerstone Standard Coalition—among our nation’s States and Counties— be clearly set forth and properly understood by all citizens of The United States. The foundational basis for the Social Contract between a government and its citizens is Consent—that the citizens give their consent to be governed. Furthermore, only when that consent is given can a government’s powers and their exercise be considered legitimate.

We are seeking to unify this great nation around an issue so fundamental that, without such agreement among citizens and their governments, a Social Contract cannot be said to exist. This most fundamental of all issues is: the Protection of Children. To whatever extent a government threatens or actually brings about harm to children, the Social Contract is broken.

In forming The Cornerstone Standard Coalition, we have begun the process of reaching out to the great heart of this nation to begin building a national consensus that can form a bulwark against the spreading darkness that threatens the children of this nation. The Cornerstone Standard Coalition is fully committed to upholding the principles of “The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children” which currently is comprised of one article. Article 1 of “The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children” reads as follows:

Article 1


  • It is a serious criminal offense to administer transgender healthcare to minors such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transgender surgeries.
  • We believe that criminal laws should be passed and enforced against those who perpetrate these serious crimes.
  • We intend to form a coalition among the States and Counties of this nation who hold these beliefs in common cause to protect children from the perpetrators of these crimes and punish to the full extent of the law those who commit them.

Furthermore, by vote of The Cornerstone Standard Coalition members, additional articles will be added which are deemed necessary to protect all children within the member States. Counties outside The Cornerstone Standard Coalition States may also choose to affiliate with the Coalition and register their support to whatever extent their God-given and constitutionally-guaranteed rights will allow.

One of many developments which makes the formation of The Coalition so urgent is that multiple States have taken the position that a child can be transported or lured from a State where transgender healthcare is banned to a State where it is allowed and that child can be given puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones and transgender surgeries while still a minor—and parents who would object can have their parental rights taken away by the courts in those so-called Sanctuary States. The powers of government implied or directly asserted in this horrendous [transgender healthcare sanctuary] legislation are so vast and all-encompassing that they constitute a mold from which the currency of our nation’s future would be forever minted—a currency utterly devoid of anything remotely resembling the protections guaranteed to the citizens of our Republic by The Constitution of the United States.

If our citizenry had no rights whatsoever, it would be difficult to imagine anything worse befalling them as a result of governmental action than to have their children be forcibly taken and mutilated. No legitimate governmental or judicial powers exist in the US Constitution to give “transgender healthcare rights” to minors nor are any related powers constitutionally delegated to the Federal Government—quite the opposite. The Reserved Powers of the States do not extend to violating the rights of citizens in other States or utilizing disingenuous legal subterfuge to mutilate their children. In actual fact, the so-called “Sanctuary” concept where one State unilaterally claims the right to undermine the laws of another is in violation of Article 4 of the US Constitution. Yet, laws are being passed which claim the power to do exactly this in The United States of America. And, those States which resist such unconstitutional powers being exercised upon their children are being undermined by so-called Sanctuary States who are in league with the most destructive forces of the government & judiciary, corporate, public and private institutions ever to have been unleashed against our Constitutional Republic and its citizens.

Not forming a Coalition against these outrages would mean we were silent in this hour of great national crisis—and our silence would imply our consent has been given to these atrocities, these crimes against humanity. It is our firm conviction that attempts to assert and exercise these unconstitutional powers must not only be met with the most immovable resolve and vehement resistance; there is much more required of us, if we would truly secure the safety of our children in these dark days. The perpetrators must be prosecuted for committing these crimes to the full extent of the law and the Coalition States must cooperate fully with each other in law enforcement matters to accomplish this.

We are adamantly unwilling to consign the future of our children to the opinions of perverted science which is patently motivated by financial gain and extremist ideology. We are not persuaded by “the science” and, therefore, we do not give our consent. We believe that the persons who administer so called transgender healthcare to minors are criminals [as are those who assist them materially] and should be punished to the full extent of the law. The enumerated powers of the Federal Government or court system do not include any power or jurisdiction that could be legitimately exercised in these matters. And, we are unwilling to have 60 million children mutilated while we wait decades for the courts to decide to rule on these matters and their constitutionality with finality, as we saw with the Roe vs Wade debacle.

We are placing those who would perpetrate these crimes on notice that, if they are found within the borders of any of the Coalition States, they will be arrested/extradited, tried and [if convicted] punished to the full extent of the law. The Cornerstone Standard Coalition of States will be a sanctuary where children are actually protected from all corporate greed in league with extremist ideologies which command enormous resources all intentionally pointed toward bringing about our childrens’ destruction. The member States stand united in the shared value system upon which our nation was founded and which has been part and parcel of the greatness of our Republic, from its inception.

There can be no negotiation or compromise of these values. We the member States of The Cornerstone Standard Coalition will not yield to coercion in any form or threats made by any entity whatsoever and we will never agree to turn over our children to the mutilators, under any circumstances. The Cornerstone Standard Coalition States are immovably-resolved to stand and act in accordance with these sacred and constitutionally-founded principles, with complete confidence in the rectitude of our Cause— knowing with utmost certainty that our Creator will come to our aid for the sake of the innocent and vulnerable children of our nation.