Sign Letter to Governor Kristi Noem

May 5, 2023
The Honorable Kristi Noem
Governor of South Dakota
500 East Capitol Avenue
Pierre, SD 57501

Dear Governor Noem,
As you may know, the State of Minnesota recently passed laws that designate our state as a
“sanctuary state” for, among other things, so-called “gender-affirming care” for minors, which
includes gender-reassignment surgery and puberty blockers. These recent laws make it legal for a
minor from South Dakota to be transported to Minnesota for the sole purpose of receiving these
surgeries or puberty blockers without the knowledge or consent of that child’s parents, in
violation of South Dakota state law. We share common goals with you— the health and
protection of our children being chief among them, and we are deeply ashamed that our state
would make itself party to this radical and evil agenda. We are now compelled to draw a line—in
a way that is unmistakable, and which carries with it the full weight of our power and
authority—when it comes to the indoctrination, luring, and subsequent mutilation of our

Article IV, Section 1 of the US Constitution states, “Full Faith and Credit shall be given in each
State to the public Acts, Records, and judicial Proceedings of every other State,” and yet the
Governor of Minnesota [through Executive Order 23-03] flagrantly & deliberately ordered the
Executive Branch of the State of Minnesota not to honor subpoenas issued by the State of South
Dakota in matters related to so-called “transgender healthcare.” In so doing, Governor Walz is
violating the US Constitution, his Oath of Office, and profoundly breaking faith with the State of
South Dakota in a matter that could not be more sacred or central to the well-being & interests of
the People of South Dakota.

It is our belief that a line now needs to be drawn here, at this exact point in our history as a
nation. We are hereby making the most urgent appeal that you issue a public statement to the
effect that penalties will be imposed against anyone participating materially in luring or
transporting South Dakota minors for the purpose of providing “transgender healthcare”
including so-called gender-reassignment surgery and other related medical procedures.

States must be held accountable for going so far as to violate the US Constitution to commit acts
that are inherently evil. Actions which result in the mutilation of children are crimes, and the
perpetrators, along with their accomplices, must be held accountable. Where adult citizens are
concerned, the choice to be a citizen of a state is not simply an accident of birth; citizenship is a
matter of agreeing to act in accordance with the community values of that state.
Criminal penalties for kidnapping and child mutilation are in order and well-justified. As far as
any legal definition of what would constitute an individual being a “material accomplice” to the
act of child mutilation, this is a matter we are confident your Attorney General will competently

We hope your leadership succeeds in defending the health and safety of children where ours has
failed. We, the undersigned, stand committed to render any assistance you may request,
regarding this urgent matter. Please do not hesitate to enlist us in this fight.