The Cornerstone Standard Coalition

What are the documents on this site and why are we being offered the opportunity to sign them?

In coming to this site, you are being offered an opportunity to take a stand.  The first document you are being given the opportunity to sign is the Declaration of Purpose Calling for the Formation of a Coalition of States.  This document gives the why and the wherefore of such a coalition and you are given the opportunity to have a voice as a citizen by signing the document.

You are also being offered the opportunity to sign the letters originally sent to the Governors of South Dakota, North Dakota and Iowa, regarding the issue of so called transgender healthcare for minors. There may be other letters to Governors you’ll have the opportunity to sign and, if you simply register, your personal information will be kept private and we’ll send you updates.

Everything we are doing is founded upon “The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children” – Article 1. It states our principles clearly and we are also giving you the opportunity to sign Article 1. When there are additional Articles, you’ll be contacted–if you register–and be given an opportunity to sign these as well.

The mechanics of signing involve registering on this site.  By registering, the options are all selected which confirm your signature on the documents.  You may change any signature options that do not apply—such as any document with which you would not be in agreement.  By default all signatures are private and you will not be listed as a public signer. You can enable your signature to be visible publicly.

Our Mission

The Cornerstone Standard Coalition is dedicated to safeguarding children and families. Our mission is to champion legislation across all states and territories, affirming and protecting biological gender as male or female at birth. We also strive to uphold parental authority in nurturing and raising their children, shielding them from harmful influences, governmental and non-governmental, that sexualize education, administer puberty-blocking drugs, promote surgical alterations, perpetuate the notion of gender transition, and undermine inalienable parental rights.

What We Do

The Cornerstone Standard Coalition advocates for the creation and enforcement of criminal laws against those who:

  • Administer procedures to minors under the guise of healthcare that promotes puberty-blocking, cross-sex hormones, and body-altering surgeries.
  • Transport minors to “sanctuary” states or communities under the guise of healthcare to facilities offering puberty-blocking, cross-sex hormones, and body-altering surgeries with the intent to alter their gender.
  • Disregard parental rights in safeguarding their minor children from undergoing any mental therapy or physical procedures that promote sex-change treatments.

Who We Are

The Cornerstone Standard Coalition is made up of common-sense American citizens, clergy, legislators and public servants committed to countering the agenda of a small faction of individuals and organizations who exercise a disproportionate and morally reprehensible influence in our society which threatens our children. All people of good will who share our values and are committed to protecting children everywhere are welcome to join and stand with us, working together with common purpose in a righteous Cause.

What is “The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children”?

The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children is a foundational set of principles upon which legislation can be based which actually protects children.  The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children currently has one Article but more will be added—including Articles opposing the normalization of Pedophilia. 

Article 1 of the Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children is intended to form the basis or “cornerstone” of a national coalition of states which have criminalized or banned so-called transgender healthcare for minors.  Once the Coalition of States is formed, the states can ratify additional articles to be added to the Cornerstone Standard.  Ratification of the articles is intended to support and lead to the passage of legislation which fully implements the intent of each article.

States which join the national coalition will form a “Brand”, in a manner of speaking.  This Brand could be described as: “States which protect children”.  We support cooperation among the states, leveraging police powers and data to cast a net within the boundaries of the Coalition States which would result in the arrest, trial and imprisonment of any persons participating in the mutilation of minors who are citizens of the coalition states.  The Coalition would not assert the right to prosecute individuals who performed transgender healthcare on minors in states where this is legal.  However, the Coalition would pursue legal action in the event that state citizenship of a minor was changed as a blatant form of subterfuge intended to deprive that minor of the protections of the laws of the coalition states.

The Cornerstone Standard: Protecting Children may, one day, add a dimension of principles protecting other vulnerable members of society, such as the elderly.  The Cornerstone Standard:  Protecting the Elderly, for example.

The key with the Cornerstone Standard is that it requires corresponding legislation which provides sufficient protective provisions as a requirement for membership in the Coalition of States, so that the “Brand” has reality to it and not just empty words.


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